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Bicycles are the hub of my world and all else turns around them.
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Mtn. Spinergy wheels!!! On a Klein!!!

Mtn. Spinergy wheels!!! On a Klein!!!


Why its good to always have a big rack on your bike. (by Andr:ew)

And on your gal… ;)


Oh yeah headlamps…

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Make mine a “Short” please…

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(Source: Spotify)

4 Couples Build Their Own Tiny Cabin Micro Community


4 Couples Build Their Own Tiny Cabin Micro Community


When these four couples, who are all friends, decided to purchase a piece of property on the Llano River in Texas together they originally were going to build a big house and share it, according to Small House Bliss. But instead they decided to each build their own 350 sq. ft. tiny cabin and share a common building instead. So what they’ve now done is created their own tiny cabin micro communityo…

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If randomjuggernaut will join us, we only need two more couples…

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